August 31st, 2021

Technical Issues

If you're experiencing any technical issues with the app or otherwise and haven't been able to resolve it through the advice of our ChatBot please fill out this…

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Oops! Our Litter Pickers Have Stumbled Upon a Technical Tangle!

Greetings, LitterLotto family! 

You've discovered the right spot if you're experiencing a technical hiccup with our app. Our team of eco-warriors is working tirelessly to keep everything running as smoothly as a pristine park. But sometimes, even the most diligent litter pickers may stumble upon a tangled mess.

Don't worry, though! We're here to help you sort out the clutter and get back to winning those fabulous prizes for both you and our beautiful planet. To make sure your issue gets the attention it deserves, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the "Help! I'm Stuck in the weeds" link below. 

  2. Fill out the form with as much detail as possible about the issue you're encountering. The more you share, the faster we can clear the path. 

  3. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the fresh air while our team of LitterLotto experts assesses the situation.

  4.  Our environmentally friendly heroes will contact you soon to provide a solution, or maybe even a helping hand. 

Remember, our mission is to make LitterLotto the best litter-based experience possible. So, if you've encountered any technical tangles, please let us know. We'll be on the trail to sort it out as quickly as possible!

Help! I'm Stuck in the Weeds 

In the meantime, keep those spirits up and those hands ready! Thank you for being a part of our LitterLotto family, where every play contributes to a cleaner world.

Stay green and clean! ♻️

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If for any reason the forms above don't work for you, please try this one instead; 

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