March 16th, 2023

A BEHAVIOURAL BREAKTHROUGH: LitterLotto Combines Winning Rewards with Environmental Impact for Long-term Change 

LitterLotto leverages behavioural science principles to drive long-term change in litter collection, rewarding users with exciting prizes and a cleaner environm…

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A BEHAVIOURAL BREAKTHROUGH: LitterLotto Combines Winning Rewards with Environmental Impact for Long-term Change 


LitterLotto, the innovative app that rewards users for collecting litter and keeping streets clean, is making a lasting impact on the UK's litter problem by leveraging behavioural science principles. By using the "carrot" approach of offering enticing rewards, including jackpots as large as £25,000, LitterLotto has successfully encouraged over 200,000 users to pick up nearly 8 million pieces of litter, resulting in cleaner communities and a healthier environment. 


The app focuses on the idea that positive reinforcement and the excitement of winning can drive long-term behavioural change, promoting a consistent commitment to environmental responsibility. By offering users a weekly £1,000 jackpot and life-changing £25,000 windfalls, LitterLotto motivates participants to actively engage in litter collection and contribute to cleaner communities. 


Simon Jacobs, CMO of LitterLotto, aka "The Lord of Litter," is enthusiastic about the app's potential for fostering long-term change. "By tapping into the principles of behavioural science, we've created a platform that not only rewards users for their efforts but also inspires them to continue making a positive impact on the environment. The excitement of winning, combined with a sense of purpose, truly makes LitterLotto a game-changer in the fight against litter," said Jacobs. 


LitterLotto's easy-to-use app allows users to track their litter collection progress, monitor their prize funds, and invite friends to earn more entries into the LitterLotto. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to join in, potentially win big, and contribute to a cleaner environment. 


Collaborating with businesses and councils across the UK, including well-known brands like McDonald's, LitterLotto has successfully raised awareness and increased engagement in litter reduction efforts. Local councils have embraced the app as a valuable tool for promoting cleaner streets, while litter-picking groups have praised its effectiveness in reducing waste. 


LitterLotto is free to download and use, and is open to users of all ages, although minors must have the jackpot paid to someone aged 18 or older. 


For more information, interviews, or further inquiries, contact: Simon Jacobs - CMO.



*As tempting as it may be to print out this press release and throw it in the bin for the thrill of contributing to LitterLotto's mission, we kindly ask that you resist the urge! Instead, let's save some paper and ink, and keep up the good work in maintaining our environment's cleanliness.

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