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Stuart Wiles

Stuart: The Tax Manager Turning Litter Tidying into Treasure


Meet Verena: The Grandma Who Picks, Clicks, and Hits the Jackpot!

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LitterLotto's Green Revolution: 5000 Trees & Counting!

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LitterLotto Listens: Introducing Sound Control for Our Beloved Community!

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Rolling Out the Red Bin Carpet: Kevin Nicks, We're Wheelie Excited to Meet You!

Screenshot 2023 05 22 at 18.43.48

Introducing 'Binformation': LitterLotto's Innovative Public Bin Identifier and M…

Home Mode Screen 2

LitterLotto Launches Pioneering At-Home Mode: A Revolution in Recycling

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Trees Glorious Trees

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10 Whimsical Eco-Adventures for a Memorable Easter Break with Your Kids

Lunar Qr

LitterLotto Lunar: Blast Off to a Cleaner Cosmo


LitterLotto Lunar Launch

Litter Lotto Fest

LitterLotto: The Rockstar Solution to Clean Up Festivals

Odd Socks Pink

LitterLotto Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day with Fun and Excitement: Introduc…


LitterLotto says TikTok who? Swap your dance moves for litter picking!

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LitterLotto Celebrates Global Recycling Day: Bin It to Win It!

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A BEHAVIOURAL BREAKTHROUGH: LitterLotto Combines Winning Rewards with Environmen…

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WINNING BIG WHILE CLEANING UP: LitterLotto Users Cash In On £400,000 Worth of Pr…

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CLEANING UP & CASHING IN: LitterLotto's 8 Million Litter Milestone Showcases App…

Logo Black Horizontal 3

The App That's Changing the Game in the Fight Against Litter

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What are the odds of winning a prize on LitterLotto?

Ll Coins Website

LitterLotto Coins Launch!

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LitterLotto Celebrates Laura Van Toller's £1,000 Jackpot Win for Litter-Picking…

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LitterLotto Encourages Responsibility as Wiltshire Council Cuts Bin Collections

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What are the odds of winning a prize?

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