November 17th, 2023

Adele McKinley: Glasgow's Pastry Chef and Litter Hero

Meet Adele McKinley, the pastry chef from Glasgow with a knack for keeping both the kitchen and streets clean, and a recent winner with LitterLotto.

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From the vibrant streets of Glasgow, let's give a warm welcome to Adele McKinley! During the week, she’s a pastry wizard in Oban, but come the weekend, she’s back in Glasgow, transforming litter into a cleaner cityscape.

Adele, alongside her chef partner, is committed to cleanliness, both in their professional kitchen and on the streets. This dynamic duo’s approach to life is a perfect blend of culinary artistry and environmental consciousness. Adele's personal mantra echoes this commitment: "Pick up some litter, bag a prize, and save the ocean. What's not to love?" It's this spirited outlook that led her to triumph with LitterLotto.

But Adele's interests extend beyond pastries and litter-picking. She's an avid fan of rollercoasters and live music. Imagine her jamming to tunes at a concert while keeping an eye out for stray litter – that’s multitasking at its best! Adele's enthusiasm for life is infectious, and her actions speak volumes about her dedication to making the world a better place.

Adele's story with LitterLotto is a reminder that everyone has the power to make a difference in their community. Her unique combination of professional expertise and personal hobbies, all tied together with a commitment to environmental care, showcases how diverse interests can converge for a common good.

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