September 22nd, 2023

Andrew from Hammersmith: LitterLotto's Latest Champion

Discover how Andrew, a regular Londoner by day, transforms into a litter-picking hero on weekends, embodying the spirit of sustainability and community service.

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Andrew from Hammersmith: LitterLotto's Latest Champion

In the bustling streets of Hammersmith, London, a new hero has emerged. His name is Andrew, and he's not just any local – he's the latest winner of the innovative LitterLotto. Unlike the traditional heroes we read about, Andrew is a regular citizen by day, but come the weekend, he dons the mantle of a true environmental champion.

Andrew's passion for litter picking is not just a hobby; it's a commitment to sustainability and community welfare. On weekends, he eagerly takes to the streets, armed with nothing but a litter picker and a bag, dedicated to cleaning up his neighborhood. His enthusiasm sometimes draws in a friend or two for a post-work walk-and-pick session, turning a solitary activity into a social, impactful event.

What drives Andrew to keep his community clean? It's simple... Keeping the planet keen and getting a chance to win big as well. 

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