March 18th, 2024

Ann B: From East Sussex to Sunny Shores, One Litter Piece at a Time

Ann B’s story highlights the power of community action in East Sussex, where her litter-picking efforts not only clean the environment but also unlock the door…

Ann Winner

In the scenic county of East Sussex, Ann B has discovered the secret to transforming everyday environmental actions into extraordinary rewards. Inspired by her sister, Ann, a diligent shop worker, has integrated litter-picking into her routine, making significant strides towards both cleaner public spaces and her personal goals.

Every few days, armed with nothing but determination and a litter picker, Ann ventures out to tackle the waste that mars her local environment. This habit, she finds, is a small price to pay for the chance to win big with LitterLotto. Her efforts recently paid off, allowing her to not only clear her holiday dues but also to dream up new destinations.

Ann’s story is a testament to the impact of individual contributions to a larger cause. “For putting your rubbish in a bin, a chance to win something good is always worth it,” Ann asserts, highlighting the simplicity and reward of participating in LitterLotto.

Aside from her eco-contributions, Ann is known among her friends for her unique culinary habits, like dipping chips in milkshakes and cutting up burgers—quirks that add to her charm.

This month, LitterLotto introduces new prizes, including the Wild Refillable Deodorant Triple, Bower Collection Kitchen Starter, and Constant Candle Forever Candle Starter Set, celebrating sustainable choices.

Moreover, the LitterLotto community has hit a remarkable milestone, surpassing 13 million pieces of litter correctly disposed of. Ann’s victories, both personal and environmental, exemplify the collective achievement of this vibrant community, proving that every small action can lead to significant change.

As Ann looks forward to her next adventure, her journey reminds us all of the joy and benefits of living sustainably and taking active steps to preserve our planet.

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