December 11th, 2023

Christine: Litter-Picking Champion of Hampshire Wins with LitterLotto

Meet Christine, a retired insurance professional from Hampshire, who turned her dedication to community cleanliness into a major win with LitterLotto. Her story…

Christine Winner

Meet Christine R, a retired motor insurance professional from Hampshire, who has turned her lifelong volunteering spirit towards a new goal - keeping her community litter-free. Living between the picturesque locales of Winchester and Southampton, Christine's dedication to environmental care shines through in her litter-picking efforts.

Inspired by her daughter, a fellow LitterLotto enthusiast, Christine took to the streets and, in just three months, impressively cleared over 7,000 pieces of litter. Her commitment extends beyond her own efforts; it's a legacy she's passing down to her three children and four grandchildren, fostering a family of environmental caretakers.

With a heartwarming blend of community care and personal initiative, Christine's story isn't just about cleaning up; it's about making a difference. Her most unusual find, a Petula Clark CD in a hedge, adds a touch of humor to her litter-picking adventures.

Christine plans to use her LitterLotto winnings to treat her family and invest in a new iPad, showcasing her giving nature. Her advice to others is as inspiring as it is practical: "Get out, clean your local area, and you might just win something while making a difference!"

Christine's journey with LitterLotto is a powerful reminder of how one person's dedication can positively impact an entire community. Her blend of volunteerism, environmental stewardship, and a can-do attitude embodies the essence of what makes LitterLotto and its community so special.

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