February 19th, 2024

Eva's Eco-Adventure: Family, Felines, and Litter Picking in Oxford

In the green expanses outside Oxford, Eva and her family have turned litter picking from a chore into a cherished family activity. Working for the NHS by day, E…

Eva Winner

Eva, an NHS admin from a scenic Oxford village, has turned litter picking into a family affair with a twist. Inspired by a shared love for competitions and a keen eye for savings, Eva and her partner embarked on an eco-journey with LitterLotto, transforming their daily walks into missions to clean up their community.

With her trusty cat, Boris Johnson the 2nd, by her side, Eva has made environmental stewardship a part of her family's routine. Promising new bedroom furniture as a reward, she's managed to get her teenagers involved in litter picking, turning it into a competitive yet rewarding activity. Living in a "Silicon Fen" village, Eva's efforts extend beyond her own family. She’s become a local eco-warrior, known for her proactive approach to keeping the streets clean and liaising with maintenance companies to ensure public bins are emptied.

Eva’s story is a vivid example of how individual actions can inspire community change. Her pragmatic approach to combining pet walks with litter picking has not only helped clean up her neighbourhood but also brought her family closer together. With her winnings, Eva plans to treat her family and upgrade their home, proving that eco-consciousness can also lead to tangible rewards.

Her message is simple: "Just go for it!" Eva encourages everyone to see the joy in making a difference, showing that environmental care can be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, one piece of litter at a time.

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