February 1st, 2023

How will I know if I'm a Jackpot winner?

Do you get a call, email, in app message?

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How exciting!

Well, the first thing that will happen is that we'll share the 'winning' image on our social media profiles... So make sure you're following us.

Then, we'll try to call the winner.

If we don't get an answer we'll send you an email, however, this email won't tell you that you're a Jackpot winner, just that we're trying to get in touch.

You'll then have 72 hours to get back in touch and let us know when you're free to have a chat.

If you don't get back to us, we will then move on to the reserve winner!

So, in summary, keep your phone on loud, answer any call that comes through on Jackpot day, and check your emails.

Good luck and #BinItToWinit

Request Received. Thank you!

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