May 19th, 2023

Introducing 'Binformation': LitterLotto's Innovative Public Bin Identifier and Mapping Tool

Discover LitterLotto's 'Binformation', an innovative feature that maps public bins, revolutionising the way you manage litter on the go.

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Say Goodbye to Litter Woes: Introducing 'Binformation' from LitterLotto!

Are you tired of wandering aimlessly in search of a public bin? Frustrated at carrying your litter longer than necessary? Well, we at LitterLotto have heard your concerns and are excited to introduce our latest game-changing feature - 'Binformation'!

'Binformation' is our innovative solution to the ever-present problem of litter disposal. When our users are out and about, their journey just got a little easier. As you prepare to submit an entry into a bin, you will be prompted with a question on the camera screen: Is the bin you're using a public bin?

But, you ask, why does this matter? Here's the ingenious part!

Each time you identify a new bin, it's added to our burgeoning 'bin map'. This means, over time, we'll accumulate a vast database of public bins, conveniently mapped for easy accessibility. Imagine a future where you can locate your nearest public bin at the drop of a hat.

With 'Binformation', we're turning this vision into a reality. We're building a world where you'll never again have to endure the inconvenience of carrying your litter for an indefinite period. 'Binformation' empowers you to find the nearest bin swiftly and efficiently.

Our new feature isn't just a cool addition to your user experience; it's a significant stride towards a cleaner environment. By identifying and mapping public bins, we're facilitating proper litter disposal, reducing the likelihood of littering due to lack of bin access.

'Binformation' is in the early stages of its roll-out, and we are excited about the potential it holds. Each new bin identified is a step towards a more sustainable world, making litter disposal easy and convenient for everyone.

LitterLotto is thrilled to introduce this pioneering feature, as it aligns seamlessly with our core ethos of innovation, user-friendliness, and environmental responsibility. We are committed to making your journey with us rewarding and your environment cleaner.

So let's step into a future where managing litter on the go is hassle-free! Get ready to contribute to our 'bin map', and together, let's make the world a cleaner place, one bin at a time.

The future of public litter disposal is here. Welcome to the 'Binformation' revolution!

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