April 1st, 2024

Jules: From Cardiff Sands to Environmental Stands

A Family’s Quest for Cleaner Beaches and Treasure-Filled Cleans

Jules Winner

In Cardiff, South Wales, Jules and her eco-conscious clan are turning beach cleaning from a chore into an adventure. This teaching assistant, mother, and environmental advocate found her calling on the sands, inspired by her daughter and the thrill of LitterLotto.

With her loyal Staffy, Pebble, by her side, Jules has woven her passion for the environment with family time, educating and inspiring her children through hands-on action. Her beach cleans are more than just cleanups; they're hunts for hidden treasures lost to time and tide, including the elusive Lego from a 1997 cargo spill.

Winning with LitterLotto, Jules eyes a family holiday to Croyde Bay, dreaming of belly boarding and shared laughter, all funded by her dedication to cleaner shores. "Do it!" she says, encouraging others to join the litter-picking movement for the planet's sake and the chance at rewards.

As Easter approaches, Jules' story is a reminder that the hunt for joy and purpose doesn’t end with egg hunts. LitterLotto brings that sense of discovery to environmental care, offering a chance to win while doing good.

Jules’ journey from Cardiff’s coasts to LitterLotto’s spotlight is a tale of commitment, adventure, and the belief that we can all play a part in preserving the beauty around us.

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