March 21st, 2023

LitterLotto Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day with Fun and Excitement: Introducing the Special Edition 'Odd Socks' Coin!

Join the party, raise awareness, and celebrate the amazing individuals with Down Syndrome, all while having a blast!

Odd Socks Pink

Get ready for a fun-filled celebration, as LitterLotto embraces the spirit of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st this year!


We're super excited to raise awareness and celebrate the amazing people with Down Syndrome worldwide. To kick off the festivities, we've created a special edition 'Odd Socks' Coin available to win on our app.

These quirky and delightful 'Odd Socks' Coins are worth 21 Coins each, symbolising the unique 21st chromosome that causes Down Syndrome. Our mission is to spread joy and inclusivity, just like the incredible individuals with Down Syndrome who touch our lives.


Our CTO's daughter, Rosie, has Down Syndrome and is a shining example of happiness and living life to the fullest. Jason's been reaching out to celebrities like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and other big names on Twitter to celebrate Rosie's zest for life—and guess what? They replied! We've included links to these uplifting and heartening tweets in this article.





In the spirit of fun and empowerment, we're also teaming up with the fantastic doll company, Lottie Dolls. This organisation cherishes childhood and encourages kids: to be themselves to play imaginatively and adventurously to have a blast And you guessed it—they have a Rosie doll inspired by our very own Rosie!


In collaboration with Lottie Dolls, we're offering an exclusive deal and a link to their website.


Unlock an astonishing 35% discount on any store-wide purchase over £30, providing you with the perfect opportunity to explore the enchanting world of Lottie Dolls. Don't miss your chance to bring home these beautifully crafted, inspiring, and empowering toys at unbeatable prices. Hurry and seize this limited-time offer, only on LitterLotto, and let the magic of Lottie Dolls captivate you and your little ones today! #WDSD2023


So come on, join LitterLotto in celebrating World Down Syndrome Day with laughter, joy, and excitement! Let's raise awareness together, support the amazing individuals with Down Syndrome, and spread happiness worldwide.


Win the 'Odd Socks' Coin on our app, share Rosie's inspiring story, and let's create a world filled with love, inclusivity, and endless fun!


P.s. If you're not wearing odd socks for your litter pick today, you should be! ;)

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