February 1st, 2023

LitterLotto Coins for Councils & Local Authorities

An overview of the opportunities available to Councils & Local Authorities with LitterLotto and LitterLotto Coins.

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LitterLotto Coins for Councils & Local Authorities

LitterLotto Coins have officially launched UK-wide and we're now ready to start bringing on new winning opportunities for users, and more opportunities for Councils and Local Authorities to incentivise responsible binning!

Through LitterLotto Coins we are able to offer the following functionality and possibilities; 

Sponsored & Localised Coins

These Coins can have any design, logo, badge, or message on them and can be associated and linked to a specific location such as a park, a beach, or even a specific bin. - These coins can then be linked to specific prizes as well. 

An example would be;

There is a specific clean-up campaign happening on a beach during a week in May, as an added incentive Councils/ Local Authorities could place special one-of-a-kind virtual LitterLotto Coins on that beach for people to win as they bin. Anyone binning on that beach would have a chance to win those coins (which can be limited in number) and then the winners of those coins would be able to claim the prizes associated with them. If for example there was a local swimming pool, the winners of those coins could claim free swimming sessions.

Local Business Integration 

If your Council/ Local authority is looking to bolster your high street, this could be a way to boost both a clean street attitude and a resurgence of activity on the streets. Through LitterLotto Coins we can place branded coins in the area incentivising people to bin responsibly in return for prizes and offers from companies on their local high street. For example, a local hairdresser or butcher offering an exclusive 20% off for people who win their local LitterLotto Coin.

Litter Hotspot Targeting

If there is a particularly bad area in your Council/ Local Authority you wish to target and improve LitterLotto Coins allow us to Geo-Fence and target that local with a high amount of Coins and with some specific prizes, potentially offering special or high-worth prizes. We can do tailored campaigns for that specific area as well as supply poster designs and more. 

The opportunities with LitterLotto Coins are expansive, if you'd like more information please get in touch via the 'Partner with us' form on the Homepage. 

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