February 13th, 2023

LitterLotto Encourages Responsibility as Wiltshire Council Cuts Bin Collections

LitterLotto's Chief Marketing Officer responds to Wiltshire Council's decision to reduce the frequency of litter bin collections and highlights the importance o…

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Dear Jude Holden,

As CMO of LitterLotto, I was disappointed to read about Wiltshire Council's plans to reduce the frequency of litter bin collections. Whilst we understand the financial pressures that councils are facing, we also believe that it is important to encourage people to take responsibility for their litter and dispose of it properly.

At LitterLotto, we have developed a platform that incentivises people to pick up litter and dispose of it correctly. Our app rewards users for picking up litter with virtual tokens that can be redeemed for real-world rewards, such as discounts at local businesses or donations to environmental charities. By encouraging people to clean up their communities, we can reduce the amount of litter that ends up in bins in the first place, making it easier for councils to manage their resources effectively.

In addition to our app, we also work with local authorities to provide education and outreach programmes to schools and community groups. By teaching people about the impact of litter on the environment and encouraging them to take action, we can create a culture of responsibility and care for our communities. We also encourage people to take their litter home with them, especially when they are enjoying our beautiful countryside, as this can help reduce the burden on local authorities and keep our environment clean.

We believe that a combination of education, outreach, and incentivisation is the key to reducing litter and creating a cleaner, more sustainable environment. Whilst we understand that councils may need to make difficult decisions, we urge them to consider the long-term environmental impact of these decisions and work with organizations like LitterLotto to find solutions that benefit everyone.

If Wiltshire Council is interested in finding out more about how LitterLotto can help encourage people to take responsibility for their litter, we would be happy to discuss this further. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Simon Jacobs CMO, LitterLotto


Request Received. Thank you!

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