September 1st, 2022

LitterLotto for Councils

How the LitterLotto app can help Local Authorities


The Litter Solution -That Works

  • Litter solved
  • Collection costs reduced
  • Happy Local residents

We’ve developed LitterLotto® to eliminate litter – and it works!

LitterLotto is a free app that rewards people for binning litter

The result? Happy users, cleaner streets and feedback like this:

"I think the LitterLotto is a great way to encourage people to help get litter off our streets and out of our open spaces. Collecting litter and disposing of it properly is good for the environment and helps keep animals safe. Having the chance to win cash for doing this just feels like a win-win situation for everyone!"

Jilly Jordan
Deputy Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, Bucks Council

We use tried and tested techniques from behavioural science to 'nudge' people into disposing of litter responsibly

It's simple to use and the response so has been phenomenal

85% of all litter binned using the LitterLotto App was picked up from the ground!

 How it Works

  1. Users download our free and easy-to-use Android or iOS app
  2. Snap a pic when you dispose of litter- if you can take a selfie you can play LitterLotto
  3. You'll be entered into a prize draw
  4. It's that simple
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