June 16th, 2023

LitterLotto's Green Revolution: 5000 Trees & Counting!

Join the green revolution with LitterLotto! Celebrate our community's milestone of planting 5000 trees using LitterLotto Coins, and gear up for even more eco-fr…

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Who's Got the Green Thumb? You Do!

What's green, growing, and a winning ticket for the planet?

Our LitterLotto community, that's what!

Forget that old saying about money not growing on trees. You folks have proven that coins do! Thanks to you and your LitterLotto Coins, we've reached a milestone that would make even the Jolly Green Giant blush: 5000 trees planted!

Two Birds, One Coin

Each coin you've won and used on our platform is a double win - like hitting the ecological jackpot! Firstly, you're helping clean our planet up piece by piece, proving that our game isn't just about litter-ally having fun. And secondly, with these coins, you've been planting trees, creating a lasting leafy legacy that even Mother Nature would be proud of.

Prizes that Grow on Trees

Hold onto your recyclable hats because we're sprouting new additions! Our app will soon be blossoming with more green, sustainable prizes that are perfect for eco-heroes like you. Stay tuned - these goodies are sure to have you 'barking' up the right tree!

Keep Sowing the Seeds of Change

We couldn't be more 'pumped-kin' about our 5000 trees milestone, but remember, every coin counts. Each time you play, you’re making a difference. So let’s root for more green wins and leaf no stone unturned in our quest for a cleaner planet!

To Sum it Up...

Your enthusiasm is what turns our game from just fun to eco-fun-tastic. You're not just players; you're our planet's partners. So, let’s keep this green streak going! After all, with LitterLotto, we're all barking up the right tree! Thank you for helping us branch out towards a greener future. Here's to the next 5000 trees!

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