March 31st, 2023

LitterLotto: The Rockstar Solution to Clean Up Festivals

Discover how LitterLotto's innovative features can transform festivals into cleaner, greener experiences. With Geo-Fencing, LitterLotto Coins, and Rewards, say…

Litter Lotto Fest

Festival season is upon us, bringing the excitement of stellar line-ups, unforgettable memories, and the not-so-glamorous aftermath of littered fields. But hold onto your reusable cups, eco-warriors! LitterLotto is here to amp up the eco-friendly vibes and turn festival waste into rewards. With three rad features – Geo-Fencing capability, LitterLotto Coins, and LitterLotto Rewards – LitterLotto is ready to rock festival organisers and councils alike. Let's dive into how LitterLotto could transform festivals like Parklife, Reading Festival, Glastonbury, and Creamfields into cleaner, greener extravaganzas.


  1. Geo-Fencing: Setting the Stage for a Cleaner Scene

LitterLotto's Geo-Fencing capability is a game-changer for festival organisers aiming to encourage litter responsibility among attendees. By creating virtual boundaries around specific festival areas, LitterLotto can target clean-up campaigns for maximum impact. For example, at Glastonbury, organisers can set up multiple geo-fences around high-traffic areas, such as food courts and camping zones, to focus on litter hotspots. This 'smart' clean-up approach ensures that festival-goers are encouraged to keep their favourite stomping grounds pristine.


  1. LitterLotto Coins: The Soundtrack to Sustainability

As the clean-up campaign cranks up the volume, LitterLotto Coins will have festival-goers singing their eco-friendly praises. As attendees collect litter and dispose of it responsibly using the LitterLotto app, they earn these digital tokens. This eco-friendly incentive program not only keeps the festival grounds clean, but it also inspires attendees to become clean-up rockstars in their own right. Picture this: Reading Festival goers jamming to their favourite bands while competing to earn LitterLotto Coins, all in the name of a cleaner festival experience.

Coin Rock

  1. LitterLotto Rewards: The Headliner for Eco-Incentives

Now, what good would those LitterLotto Coins be without a killer rewards program? Festival organisers and partners can offer exclusive incentives to those who've earned LitterLotto Coins, giving attendees a reason to keep the festival grounds tidy. Imagine snagging a free drink at Parklife, scoring discounted tickets for next year's Creamfields, or even bagging backstage passes for being a litter-busting hero! The opportunities are as boundless as the festival vibes.


In conclusion

LitterLotto is here to strike a chord in the eco-friendly side of festivals, with its Geo-Fencing, LitterLotto Coins, and LitterLotto Rewards features. By gamifying the clean-up process and offering exciting rewards, LitterLotto will inspire festival goers to take responsibility for their litter and turn even the muddiest of fields into eco-friendly mosh pits. So, get ready to rock responsibly and make a clean break from the litter-strewn festival scene of the past. LitterLotto is the encore we've all been waiting

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