March 23rd, 2021

McDonald's & LitterLotto are on a mission to bin UK litterers for good!

McDonald’s is taking action to combat littering in the UK – by getting rid of its packaging.

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For too long, McDonald’s has seen the packaging of discarded dips, forgotten fries and bygone burgers littering our roadsides.


From a survey of 2,000 adults, it showed that over half of the British public are unlikely to intervene when faced with other people littering – which is why McDonald’s will stop giving its customers packaging for one day to stop potential litterers.


To demonstrate a stronger stance on litter, customers in Weymouth were put on the spot this week with all packaging removed from their Drive-Thru. Burgers, McNuggets and even Fries were all served straight into the hands of the unsuspecting public. You can see their reactions below!

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Arches Ireland

This positive step is just the start for McDonald’s who are keen to play a leading role in sparking a change across the nation. McDonald’s, who have commissioned the research to launch its anti-litter campaign, said: “We understand our role in the fight against litter in communities across the UK. While we can’t control what people do with their rubbish, we are putting forward a strong message to our valued customers that this is a shared responsibility. This activity is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure all our customer packaging is recyclable by 2024.”


“The decision to remove packaging for the day at our Drive-Thru in Weymouth was a great opportunity to turn the tables and show them what could happen if we took drastic steps in tackling litter.”


Statistics from the survey show that 58% of the UK public describe it as a ‘major problem’ in their area, with 30% stating common areas being outside fast food or takeaway outlets. It also emerged that seven in ten adults believe laziness to be a main reason for the litter on British streets.


To create an incentive for its customers to throw away their rubbish, McDonald’s has partnered with LitterLotto, the free app that rewards responsible binning of any litter with prizes from £5 up to £25,000.


Customers simply take a picture through the app as they bin litter for a chance to win!


Go out and get that binning feeling!



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