September 8th, 2023

Meet Verena: The Grandma Who Picks, Clicks, and Hits the Jackpot!

How a Suffolk Grandma Combines Family Time, Community Service, and Winning Big with LitterLotto!


Living in Lowestoft, Suffolk, Verena Jane Bullion isn't just another grandma. This part-time waitress is making waves in her community through LitterLotto. "I belong to a competition group called Lucky Learners. The fantastic Di Coke introduced me to LitterLotto," Verena said. True to her spirited nature, she managed to hit the LitterLotto jackpot recently.

Verena already has her prize earmarked for something special: "Ohh, a fabulous weekend in London with a West End show and some great meals out!" It's a well-deserved break for someone who not only works part-time but is also a dedicated grandmother three days and nights a week.

What sets Verena apart is her commitment to her community. "When I'm going out to the shops, I pick up litter as I go. My baby grandson loves buses so we often pick up litter around the bus station while he watches the buses," she explained.

According to Verena, LitterLotto is not just about winning. "It's great for the community and winning prizes is a bonus," she said. "As for getting the jackpot...well, that's totally amazing. It gets a bit addictive, and it's great fun."

Juggling life with six grown-up children and 11 grandchildren—with one more on the way—she’s a grandma with a mission. "Just try it! You’ll find it's addictive, but in the best way possible," Verena advises future LitterLotto participants.

Verena’s story is an inspiring tale of how one can combine family, community service, and a sprinkle of luck to make a real impact. With her continued passion for LitterLotto, she shows no signs of slowing down.

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