November 10th, 2023

Megan of Chelmsford: Co-op Supervisor and LitterLotto Victor

Celebrate with Megan, a dynamic Co-op supervisor and macrame artist from Chelmsford, Essex, who has woven her way to success as LitterLotto's latest jackpot win…

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In Chelmsford, Essex, a drumroll is due for Megan, the latest jackpot winner of LitterLotto. By day, Megan juggles her responsibilities as a Co-op supervisor with her creative pursuits as an Etsy macrame artist. As dusk falls, she transforms into an eco-warrior, contributing to cleaner streets and now celebrating her big win.

Megan's triumph couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune moment. With wedding bells ringing and plans for a new home in the works, this jackpot is a welcome boost. And it’s not just Megan who's in for a treat; Mali, their beloved fur baby, is also set to enjoy some extra pampering.

Megan shares her winning strategy with a twinkle in her eye: "It's worth it for the spot prizes, earning coins, and hey, you might just hit the jackpot!" Her story is a testament to the power of balancing work, hobbies, and environmental commitment. It shows that participating in initiatives like LitterLotto can bring unexpected joy and help in significant life moments.

Megan's journey with LitterLotto exemplifies how everyday activities can be intertwined with meaningful contributions to the environment. Her enthusiasm and dedication serve as an inspiration, proving that small actions can lead to significant rewards, both for the planet and for personal aspirations.

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