February 25th, 2024

Mel: Sprinting Towards Sustainability in the Forest of Dean

Mel's story is a heartwarming blend of personal challenge and environmental stewardship. Residing in the lush landscapes of the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire…

Mel Winner

In the picturesque Forest of Dean, Mel’s daily runs are more than a fitness routine; they're a mission for a cleaner planet. This dedicated runner and environmental champion is making strides in more ways than one.

Engaged to Daren and a proud mother of two, Mel's life is a blend of personal joys and environmental dedication. Her eco-journey, sparked by a colleague, now intertwines with her preparations for the Forest of Dean Spring Half Marathon. This isn't just about personal bests; it's a heartfelt tribute to her late twin, Shelley, and a testament to her commitment to the environment.

LitterLotto has become an integral part of Mel's daily routine, transforming her marathon training into an opportunity to clean up her beloved trails. With every litter pick, she's not only preparing for her race but also protecting the green spaces that are the backdrop of her runs.

Mel's story is a vivid illustration of how individual actions can lead to substantial environmental impact. Her message is clear: merging one's passions with purpose can create a ripple effect, encouraging others to take up the cause. As she gears up for her half marathon, Mel embodies the spirit of change, proving that every step towards a cleaner environment is a stride towards a better future.

Her approach is simple yet powerful—mixing fitness with environmental activism, showing that caring for our planet can fit seamlessly into our lives. Mel's journey is an inspiration, a call to action for us all to find ways to contribute, proving that every litter pick counts, and every run can be a step towards a greener tomorrow.

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