October 27th, 2023

Michael J: Aldwick's Beach-Cleaning Drummer and LitterLotto Star

Cheers to Michael J from Aldwick, West Sussex, a retired Sales Director and passionate drummer, who's making waves with his beach cleaning efforts and recent Li…

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Time to celebrate Aldwick's newest hero, Michael J, who has just hit a high note as the latest LitterLotto winner! Thanks to his wife Sally's introduction to the app, this retired Sales Director turned drummer is not only keeping the beat but also keeping Aldwick's beaches pristine.

Michael's post-retirement life is a lively blend of music and environmental stewardship. Swapping sales strategies for drumsticks, he now dedicates his time to rhythms and tidying the shores of West Sussex. This passionate pursuit highlights a unique way to stay active and contribute to the community.

The couple is now planning a lavish steak dinner to reunite with family, a well-deserved celebration of Michael's win. And in true practical fashion, part of his winnings is earmarked for a new waterproof jacket, ensuring he stays warm and dry during those chilly litter-picking sessions.

Michael’s story is an inspiring example of how retirement can open doors to new hobbies and meaningful community work. His commitment to the environment, combined with his love for drumming, shows that making a difference can be harmoniously intertwined with personal interests.

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