April 8th, 2024

Nicola: A Champion of Change in Greater Manchester

How a Local Eco-Warrior Is Winning by Keeping Her Community Clean

Winner Nicola S

Nicola from Greater Manchester exemplifies how combining daily routines with environmental consciousness can lead to rewarding experiences. An avid walker and lover of the outdoors, she has turned her routine dog walks into eco-friendly missions, leveraging the LitterLotto app to make her efforts count.

For over two years, Nicola has been a committed user of LitterLotto, picking up litter from local parks to frequented paths near the Pennines. Her approach is simple yet effective: every piece of rubbish removed is a step towards a cleaner environment, and with LitterLotto, each piece also brings a chance to win.

Her recent win is set to fund the repairs her car needs and a much-anticipated canal boat adventure with her family, proving that eco-friendly habits can support not just the planet but also personal and family joys.

Nicola's passion doesn't stop at her own efforts; she's an active advocate for the app, encouraging friends and even strangers to join in. Her motto, "Snap it, bin it, win it," highlights the ease and incentive LitterLotto offers to everyone willing to make a difference.

As she prepares for her next adventure, Nicola remains a beacon of inspiration in her community, demonstrating that when it comes to protecting our environment, every little helps, and indeed, every picker is a winner.

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