November 3rd, 2023

Rebecca: Horsehay's Eco-Warrior and LitterLotto Winner

Rebecca, a primary school kitchen maestro from Horsehay, Shropshire, has cooked up a win with LitterLotto, balancing environmental activism with her passion for…

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Rebecca, a primary school culinary whiz from Horsehay, Shropshire, is stirring up excitement as our newest LitterLotto jackpot winner! When she’s not enchanting students with her kitchen wizardry, she’s out making a significant impact as an eco-champion.

This festive season, Rebecca’s win comes with a sprinkle of extra joy. Her daughter's wish for tech gear from Santa might just come true, thanks to Mummy’s LitterLotto success. And let’s not forget Hugo, their cherished chihuahua, who will continue to enjoy his litter-free walks by the local lake – a small yet significant testament to Rebecca's environmental efforts.

Rebecca's take on the LitterLotto experience is as refreshing as her approach to life: "The app's ace. Fresh air, exercise, and planet-saving fun. Plus, the prizes ain't half bad!" Her story is a delightful mix of daily life, environmental consciousness, and the thrill of winning. It illustrates how combining our daily activities with a commitment to the planet can lead to rewarding experiences.

In Horsehay, Rebecca is more than just a kitchen sorcerer and a mother; she's a beacon of inspiration, proving that taking care of our environment can be fun and fulfilling. Her success with LitterLotto is a reminder that every small action towards a cleaner planet counts, and sometimes, those actions are rewarded in the most unexpected ways.

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