Saving the Planet, One Piece of Litter at a Time: The Tony John Story

Meet Tony John, a retired marketing manager for a major oil company who resides in Hertfordshire.

Tony John Winner

Tony is a dedicated LitterLotto participant and has already won four instant prizes! But that's not the most impressive thing about Tony, it's his dedication to using his winnings for good causes.

Tony's instant wins have been spent on food for the local food bank, and some of his recent jackpot winnings will also go towards the Turkey/Syria relief fund. The remaining balance will be spent on a family break celebrating his wife's 70th birthday. How sweet is that?

Tony's love for litter picking started long before LitterLotto, but his wife Pauline discovered the movement after speaking to a fellow litter picker in the local park. Since then, Tony has become quite prolific and can be found out with his dog every Sunday morning, at least one day during the week, and can't resist passing a litter bin without putting something in.

When asked about his LitterLotto addiction, Tony warned others that it can be quite addictive but encourages everyone to participate. He believes that if everyone took the initiative to tidy up their neighbourhoods, they would be much prettier.

In addition to his impressive LitterLotto wins and dedication to good causes, Tony has had an interesting life filled with near-death experiences. When he was just 24 years old, he had to delay his flight to Madras, which ultimately saved his life since the plane he should have taken crashed on take-off, killing everyone on board. He has also had a gun drawn on him three times, once in Belfast during the troubles, once in Cairo, and once in Patna, northern India. Despite all of this, Tony remains grateful for his life and his ability to make a positive impact on the world.

If you're not yet a LitterLotto participant, take Tony's advice and join the movement. You never know, you might just end up like Tony, winning big and making a positive impact on the world.

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