October 13th, 2023

Steven: Bonnybridge's Litter-Picking Superhero

Meet Steven, the adventurous Traffic Management Operative from Bonnybridge, Scotland, who's making a difference on motorways and winning big with LitterLotto.

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In the heart of Scotland, in the quaint town of Bonnybridge, lives Steven, a man who’s much more than your average Joe. With his wife and a spirited ten-year-old by his side, he’s not only a family man but also a local hero, keeping Scotland's motorways safe as a Traffic Management Operative.

Steven's journey with LitterLotto started with a simple scroll through social media. What began as casual curiosity soon turned into a full-blown passion. Today, Steven isn't just sweeping the roads; he's making waves as a LitterLotto winner, proving that every bit of effort counts.

But Steven's life is not all work and no play. When he's not on duty, he's chasing adrenaline highs. From skydiving to bungee jumping and zipping down the world's fastest zip line, Steven's adventurous spirit knows no bounds. Yet, his latest adventure is planning a dream holiday for his family, courtesy of his LitterLotto winnings. A real-life superhero, Steven proves that capes aren't necessary when you’ve got a litter picker in hand.

Steven's message is simple yet impactful: "Download the app, keep your streets spick and span, and hey, you might just bag some top-notch prizes along the way!" His story is a blend of ordinary life, extraordinary courage, and a commitment to environmental stewardship. It's a reminder that we can all be heroes in our own right, turning everyday routines into opportunities for impact and reward.

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