September 15th, 2023

Stuart: The Tax Manager Turning Litter Tidying into Treasure

How a Faversham Man Scored £1000 and Plans to Make His Community Shine

Stuart Wiles

When it comes to picking up litter, Stuart from Faversham isn't just doing his bit for the community; he's also doing his bit for his bank balance. A Tax Manager by profession, Stuart recently took home a whopping £1000 in LitterLotto’s jackpot. Not a man of endless chatter, Stuart lets his actions speak for him. He might be reserved in speech, but he's pretty lavish when it comes to keeping his locality clean. In a nutshell: he’s a man of few words but a legend all the same.

What led Stuart into this impactful habit? Interestingly, his partner introduced him to the LitterLotto app. From that moment on, Stuart's life had a new mission: turning litter into gold while beautifying the streets of Faversham. Why does he do it? In his own succinct way, Stuart says, "Why not? It’s fun and improves where you live." His reason might be short and sweet, but it's a mantra we can all get behind.

But that's not all. Stuart’s unique claim to fame? He once met a president. Who? He won't say. Perhaps the political leader in question was equally inspired by Stuart's passion for tidying up; we can only speculate.

So, what's the plan for the £1000 prize? Stuart is saving up for his upcoming wedding and honeymoon. That’s right, a fairy-tale wedding partly funded by discarded cans and wrappers. If you're not inspired to pick up that stray bottle cap next time, we don't know what will get you going.

Stuart’s advice for other aspiring LitterLotto legends? Get out there every day and make it a habit. It might start with a single piece of litter, but the ripple effect could create a cleaner community, and perhaps even a fatter wallet. Just like Stuart, you might end up finding more than just trash; you might just find your own treasure.

Whether it’s the everyday hustle at the office or picking up litter on his daily walks, Stuart is all about efficiency. He’s not just a Tax Manager; he’s a man managing to make a difference. And, with wedding bells in the future and a cleaner present, we reckon Stuart's hitting all the high notes.

Now, who’s going to be the next Stuart? The next LitterLotto legend? Could be you. So, why not give it a go? After all, in Stuart’s wise words, "Why not?"

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