February 1st, 2023

Where's my money?

Why might you not have received your prize payout...

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Here at LitterLotto we're absolutely chuffed to be able to do two incredible things;

1) Encourage people to care more about their local area and protect nature from litter.

2) Reward amazing prizes for the responsible binning of litter.

Over the course of a month we give away and payout thousands of prizes (spot prizes and jackpots) and since our launch in September 2021 we've seen over 7,000,000 pieces of litter submitted through the app, which is just incredible.

We're still very much a growing business and team, so whilst we try our best to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, there is the occasional blip and we can sometimes miss a payment. Whenever this happens we try to correct this as soon as possible.

If you've won a prize and have submitted a prize payment form and more than 14 days have passed since, please do the following;

1) Check your emails (junk included) and your chat function on the app to make sure that you haven't received a message about a rejected or invalidated submission. All entries are checked by our validation system and if a verifier sees that a submission does not meet our T's & C's unfortunately the prize will be invalidated.

2) Check that you haven't received an email telling you that the banking/ payment details you provided didn't work and you, therefore, need to submit new information.

3) If you haven't received either of these messages please fill in a new prize form. This will ensure that your details are passed onto the payment team and they will then make sure the payment is made on the next payment run (this may again take up to 14 days to reach your account).

4) Please feel free to message us via the chat function in the app and ask us any further questions.

Of course, we apologise for any issues, payment or otherwise, we will work hard to sort these as quickly as we can!


Request Received. Thank you!

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