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Elaine (ellie) Winner

Ellie & Archie: A Duo Cleaning Up Crawcrook

Mel Winner

Mel: Sprinting Towards Sustainability in the Forest of Dean

Eva Winner

Eva's Eco-Adventure: Family, Felines, and Litter Picking in Oxford

Stephen Winner

Stephen: From Casual Observer to Halifax's Eco-Warrior

Joseph Winner

Joseph T: Cambridge’s Eco Hero Wins Big with LitterLotto

Stephanie Winner

Stephanie A: Carlisle's Champion for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Judy Winner

Judy V: Hayling Island's Litter Picking Hero

Ellen Winner

Ellen's LitterLotto Win: A Leeds Success Story

Emerald Winner

Emerald Shines as LitterLotto's Latest Winner

Liz Winner

Liz H: LitterLotto's 2023 Eco-Champion!

Andrew Day

Andrew Day: Marlow's Eco-Warrior Wins Big with LitterLotto

Christine Winner

Christine: Litter-Picking Champion of Hampshire Wins with LitterLotto

Elaine Again

Elaine B: Chippenham's Two-Time LitterLotto Champion

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Adele McKinley: Glasgow's Pastry Chef and Litter Hero

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Megan of Chelmsford: Co-op Supervisor and LitterLotto Victor

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Rebecca: Horsehay's Eco-Warrior and LitterLotto Winner

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Michael J: Aldwick's Beach-Cleaning Drummer and LitterLotto Star

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Martin G: Bridgwater's LitterLotto Luminary

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Steven: Bonnybridge's Litter-Picking Superhero

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Paul F: Railway Worker Turned LitterLotto Legend

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Nigel R: From York to LitterLotto Glory

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Andrew from Hammersmith: LitterLotto's Latest Champion

Stuart Wiles

Stuart: The Tax Manager Turning Litter Tidying into Treasure


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