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pieces of litter binned, and counting!

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What is LitterLotto?

LitterLotto® is a free to enter Prize Draw, with regular spot prizes and huge jackpots, supported by brands who want a cleaner environment.


To enter, simply use the app to take a picture of litter as you place it in a bin. Each time you submit a new piece of litter it's another chance to win!

LitterLotto is available globally, with different Jackpot levels wherever you are!

Here are some of our amazing winners!

You can be one too, all you have to do is #BinItToWinIt

  • Andreas Holzer

    Andreas Holzer

  • Andrew Bale

    Andrew Bale

  • Carys R

    Carys R

  • Catherine Baker

    Catherine Baker

  • Debz


  • Emma Burton

    Emma Burton

  • Fiona Smart

    Fiona Smart

  • Gordon Brown

    Gordon Brown

  • Johanna Collins

    Johanna Collins

  • K Hipkin

    K Hipkin

The LitterLotto Legend

LitterLotto was inspired by the desire to find a solution to the growing issue of litter.

Created and passionately developed by a dedicated team who believes in the power of positive action and in technology's ability to facilitate world-changing solutions.

LitterLotto brand aims to reduce and ultimately put an end to the damage caused by the rising levels of litter in today's world.

We're now partnered with some amazing Councils and organisations:

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  • Bin litter

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  • Make an impact

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  • Spread the word

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  • Win prizes

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So, what are you waiting for!

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Our Mission & Vision

LitterLotto's long-term vision is a world free of litter, waste and pollution.

Our mission is to play an influencial role in achieving this reality by incentivising and rewarding positive action towards litter and the environment.

LitterLotto is designed to provide a light nudge and remind people about the litter issue around them and achieve a positive behavioural change!

LitterLotto Blog

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  • Elaine Again

    Elaine B: Chippenham's Two-Time LitterLotto Champion

  • 2f8d863e 118c D656 11f9 Beec87fb26e6

    Adele McKinley: Glasgow's Pastry Chef and Litter Hero

  • 52e94ceb Cbca 224a 73fd 54096d1c444a

    Megan of Chelmsford: Co-op Supervisor and LitterLotto Victor

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    Rebecca: Horsehay's Eco-Warrior and LitterLotto Winner

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    Michael J: Aldwick's Beach-Cleaning Drummer and LitterLotto Star

  • Christine Winner

    Christine: Litter-Picking Champion of Hampshire Wins with LitterLotto

  • Andrew Day

    Andrew Day: Marlow's Eco-Warrior Wins Big with LitterLotto

  • Liz Winner

    Liz H: LitterLotto's 2023 Eco-Champion!

  • Emerald Winner

    Emerald Shines as LitterLotto's Latest Winner

  • Ellen Winner

    Ellen's LitterLotto Win: A Leeds Success Story

  • Joseph Winner

    Joseph T: Cambridge’s Eco Hero Wins Big with LitterLotto

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